Vimetco To Invest €10 MM In New Automated Aluminium Extrusion Line Built By Presezzi

Vimetco To Invest €10 MM In New Automated Aluminium Extrusion Line Built By Presezzi

Romanian aluminium producer ALRO S.A.’s downstream subsidiary Vimetco Extrusion said Tuesday that it will soon begin a €10 million program to increase high- and very-high value-added aluminium products by installing new machinery produced by Italy’s Presezzi Extrusion spa.

The investment in question will consist of a new automated 7” extrusion line capable of extruding profiles of up to 60 meters at a rate of 50 meters per minute. Fueled by an energy-savings system and supplied by independent water- and air-cooling zones, the equipment will be funded by both commercial credit and bank credit lines.

Vimetco notes that the project will accomplish several aims, including adding new value-added aluminium products for its clients, reducing overall environmental impact, increasing operational efficiency, and generating new cost savings.

ALRO’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Marian Năstase elaborated on its reasoning for the project in a related press release.

“The expertise in creating high and very high value-added products is obtained only through constant investments in innovation and outstanding employee training, and Vimetco Extrusion has shown that it is not only willing to embrace these responsibilities, but it also excels in executing them very efficiently. This recent investment is another step in achieving the Company’s long-term vision, along with the recent partnerships with companies from industries that are recognized for the high standards of materials used, precision in execution, stability and predictability in delivery of the finished products.”

Vimetco Chairman Igor Higer said that the current project is part of an ongoing improvement program by the firm.

“Vimetco Extrusion continues to invest in technology, securing the path for a sustainable, efficient and customer-oriented business. We consider Presezzi the right partner for this endeavour as we are confident that this project represents only the first step towards a successful, long-term partnership.”

“Presezzi Extrusion is grateful for this new partnership and for trusting our Company’s technology and quality for this ambitious and complex project and we are willing to provide further support to Vimetco Extrusion in its next plans, as well,” opined the Founder and President of Presezzi Extrusion, Valerio Presezzi.

Vimetco is Romania’s vertically-integrated aluminium extrusion firm. Founded in 2006, the firm operates a pair of extrusion presses and employs over 200 individuals. Its primary products are 6xxx aluminium alloys.