Vedanta Wins Award For Digital Transformation At Jharsuguda Aluminium Smelter

Vedanta Wins Award For Digital Transformation At Jharsuguda Aluminium Smelter

London-based aluminium producer Vedanta took home the ‘Most Innovative Best Practice’ Award at the Digital Transformation (DX) Summit & Awards 2020 earlier this week.

The award, which is administered by CII – Centre for Digital Transformation (CDT), is intended to recognize worthwhile achievements related to digital transformation. The innovation for which Vedanta is recognized is its conversion of the Jharsuguda aluminium smelter complex to Digital Smelter Technology.

The system being deployed at Jharsuguda uses digital twin technology, which makes it possible to monitor and control operations at the potline and conduct predictive and prescriptive analysis. Vedanta’s new digital system will also reduce waste and improve efficiency on the line thanks to a remote advisory system.

Ajay Kapur, CEO of Vedanta’s Aluminium & Power Business, noted the benefits of such a system in related reporting.

“We strive to make our operations future-ready by integrating best-in-class digital solutions, building in efficiencies, and optimizing costs and raw material consumption in our quest to become the world’s leading producer of the ‘green metal’ or Aluminium. Vedanta’s Aluminum & Power business has implemented intelligent automation and digitalization at its the plants to produce high-quality Aluminium and value-added products for critical industry sectors, fueling India’s self-reliance and contributing to its socio-economic prosperity.”

Improvements at Jharsuguda are part of a greater plan to implement digitalization across the entire company. Vedanta has already incorporated Logistics Control Towers for coal, alumina, and bauxite that utilize Machine Learning and OR (Operations Research) to run simulations, improve efficiency, and reduce waste.

Vedanta is also well on the way to full implementation of vision analytics and contextual analytics in order to identify places along the aluminium production route that may become problematic.

Altogether, Vedanta’s aim is to monitor and control the end-to-end process remotely to allow its employees to work at a safe distance from equipment and other people.