Vedanta Debuts New High-Speed Aluminium Billet For Extrusion Market

Vedanta Debuts New High-Speed Aluminium Billet For Extrusion Market

India’s biggest aluminium producer Vedanta Ltd. debuted this week special “high-speed” aluminium billet customized for use in aluminium extrusions in an online event attended by downstream and other value-added aluminium stakeholders.

Vedanta said its new line of aluminium billet is capable of increasing the speed of extruding aluminium by 25 percent. The firm utilized several types of revolutionary technology in developing the new high-speed aluminium billet, including the Wagstaff Hot-Top Air Slip Casting System and the Hertwich Continuous Homogenising Furnace technology.

Per the firm, the strict process control and optimized chemistry yield an aluminium billet that offers superior extrusion speed alongside exceptional strength. The new aluminium billet also features a greater process recovery and extended die life as well.

The CEO of Vedanta’s aluminium business Rahul Sharma told domestic media that the new aluminium billet was developed in response to customer demand.

“We are committed to manufacturing the best aluminium products, as well as offering our customers a powerful competitive edge in their business aspirations. Our holistic solutions are market-responsive and tailored to support customers at various stages of their evolving business journey. With our deep R & D capabilities and global expertise, we are keen to co-create leading-edge innovations with our customers. High-Speed Billets are our latest offering in a long line of expertly customized product solutions for various industry segments.”

“Vedanta Aluminium has a robust and quality-focused manufacturing,” elaborated billet extrusion expert and consultant Jonathan Pangborn. “The Customer Technical Service team is geared up to adapt our customized product portfolio to the evolving needs of the extrusion industry. I look forward to collaborating with customers and providing the best technical solutions to them, as part of Vedanta’s value-added service offering.”