Trump to Meet with Lawmakers Today to Discuss Response to Section 232 Aluminium Investigation

Trump to Meet with Lawmakers Today to Discuss Response to Section 232 Aluminium Investigation

United States president Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with a mixed group of Republicans and Democrats later today to discuss a wide range of international trade issues. Among a handful of other topics, prominent on the agenda is a discussion on what steps the Administration should take, if any, to stem the tide of imported aluminium.

White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters made the announcement late in the day yesterday, promising that the topic of both imported aluminium and steel will be among the topics discussed at the bipartisan roundtable.

“The president will hear from bipartisan members of Congress across the spectrum of opinions on trade matters, including the pending (Section) 232 cases on steel and aluminum. This meeting is part of the president’s commitment to ensure fair and reciprocal trade policies that support the American worker and grow the American economy.”

Although the announcement did not include a guest list, both of Ohio’s senators, namely Democrat Sherrod Brown and Republican Rob Portman, indicated in a statement issued by Brown’s office that they would both be present to counsel Trump on the situation of producers in their state.

“The senators have worked together to push for quick action to address Chinese steel overcapacity, which is threatening Ohio jobs.”

President Trump received the results of the Commerce Department’s Section 232 investigation three weeks ago. Per the statute, the president has until April 19 to act upon the investigation’s results. Though the Oval Office has played its cards close to the vest to date, most experts plan on the administration staying true to its populist, America-first rhetoric and heeding the counsel of domestic aluminium producers by enacting some form of barrier to access to global aluminium exporters.