Trump Aluminium Tariffs Are Short-Sighted and Demand Unified Response by EU: Denmark PM

Denmark’s Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen leveled withering criticism at the coming 10-percent tariffs on aluminium imported into the United States in remarks made to the country’s parliament on Tuesday.

“Trump’s decision to introduce tariffs on steel and aluminium is damaging and short-sighted,” the Danish head of government opined.

“Free trade is not a zero-sum game. Measures like the one being taken now are going in the wrong direction.”

Rasmussen continued by calling on the rest of Europe’s nations to form up and present a united front to oppose the tariffs that go into effect tomorrow.

“The EU is the most vocal supporter of free trade at this stage. So the EU must also respond in a balanced way,” he said.

The president of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has already gone on record with a promise of action against the tariffs first introduced by U.S. President Donald Trump earlier this month.

The EU has been pursuing an exception to the blanket tariffs, but as yet the efforts have been fruitless. The Trump Administration initially indicated no exceptions would be made, but Trump has since softened his approach by granting temporary reprieves to Australia, Canada, and Mexico. Trump has also hinted that other exceptions may be in the cards as well.

Aleris and Norsk Hydro both operate aluminium operations in Denmark. In addition, the country has a thriving aluminium extrusions sector.

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