Yunnan Aluminum To Add 210 Thousand MTPA Of Smelting Capacity To Plant In Heqing County

Yunnan Aluminum To Add 210 Thousand MTPA Of Smelting Capacity To Plant In Heqing County

China’s Yunnan Aluminum Co Ltd. announced last week plans to build a second phase consisting of 210 thousand metric tons per annum of smelting capacity at its plant in northwest Yunnan Province. On Thursday the company said its board of directors unanimously...


Opening Of Henan Shenhuo Smelter In Yunnan Delayed Due To Adverse Weather

The opening of a new aluminium smelter in Yunnan province has been postponed by Henan Shenhuo Group due to adverse weather and the resulting delays in construction according to statements made by a company spokesperson on Wednesday. The plant, which is located in Wenshan prefecture, is slated to have a nameplate capacity of 900 thousand […]

Unplanned Outages Drop China’s Aluminium Production By 0.5 Percent In August

Unplanned aluminum production outages at two of the country’s main smelters helped drop the People’s Republic of China’s total production by 0.5 percent on the month in August according to numbers released yesterday by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). Per Beijing’s numbers, China’s aluminium smelters combined to produce 2.97 million metric tons of primary […]

Henan Shenhuo Announces Relocation of 450 Kt of Aluminium Smelting Capacity to Yunnan

Seen by many as a continuing testament to Yunnan province’s growing attractiveness to the country’s aluminium smelters, Henan Shenhuo Coal & Power Co will soon be transferring almost half a million metric tons of smelting capacity to the province. Per a notice released by the Yunnan Industry and Information Technology Commission, the firm plans to […]