Unplanned Outages Drop China’s Aluminium Production By 0.5 Percent In August

Unplanned Outages Drop China’s Aluminium Production By 0.5 Percent In August

Unplanned aluminum production outages at two of the country’s main smelters helped drop the People’s Republic of China’s total production by 0.5 percent on the month in August according to numbers released yesterday by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). Per Beijing’s...

Shandong Government Orders 3.21 Million MTPA in Aluminium Capacity Shuttered

Another bite has been taken out of the People’s Republic of China’s aluminium capacity this week, as the government of the Shandong province mandated 3.21 million metric tons per annum of capacity shuttered, most of which is operated by China Hongqiao. According to a statement released yesterday but dated July 24, checks by the Shandong […]

Enforcement Against Illegal Aluminium Smelters Planned for This Week in Xinjiang

Aluminium prices in the People’s Republic of China are up thanks to indications from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region that a long-promised crackdown on illegal smelting capacity is underway. According to a document obtained by Bloomberg, local governments will begin checks this week on smelters built since the spring of 2013 that are in violation […]

China’s East Hope Group to Invest US$1.5 bn in Inner Mongolia

According to local reports last week, Shanghai’s East Hope Group is to begin a “major investment project” in the Inner Mongolian city of Baotou. East Hope indicated that the investment would be in the neighborhood of US$1.5 billion. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee, Party Secretary Wang Jun, city leaders Du Xuejun, Zhang Shiming, […]