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China Completes Another Auction Of Primary Aluminium Reserves

China Completes Another Auction Of Primary Aluminium Reserves

The People’s Republic of China recently completed an auction of state-owned reserves of aluminium and other metals. The auction marks the third sell-off this year as Beijing attempts to rein in high prices for the metals. On Wednesday bidders had an opportunity...


Insiders Say Trump Likely to Lay Ten-Percent Tariff on All Aluminium Imports

According to unnamed confidants who spoke to the media last week, United States president Donald Trump is planning to levy tariffs upon aluminium and steel imports that are harsher than recommendations given by the Commerce Department last month. Three White House insiders told Bloomberg late last week that Trump is leaning toward saddling steel imports […]

Trump Administration National Security Plan to Promote Tariffs on Aluminium

A senior official in the administration of United States president Donald Trump told Reuters on Tuesday that the Trump government is preparing to introduce a new national security strategy that may include import tariffs on aluminium. The official, who was not named in Reuters’ reporting, referred to a strategy document released on Monday. The document […]

Aluminium Capacity Cuts Announced in China’s Shanxi Province

The global aluminium market continues to be cautiously optimistic in the face of news from the People’s Republic of China that capacity cuts have been announced for cities outside the country’s 26+2 program. According to a notice posted Sunday on a local government website, administrators in the western Shanxi province city of Lüliang will soon […]

World Leaders Have Harsh Words for China’s Overcapacity at G20 Summit

The 2016 G20 Hangzhou summit concluded yesterday, and the continually problematic overcapacity in China’s metals industry attracted the attention of the assembled world leaders. Along with the global focus on steel, the continuing glut in China’s aluminium production came into the crosshairs as well. The relevant portion of the official communique, published late last night […]