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Aluminium Trade Hurdles Discussed as Top EU Officials Converge on Washington

Aluminium Trade Hurdles Discussed as Top EU Officials Converge on Washington

In a bid to smoothen the rough edges of trade relationships, high-ranking European Union (EU) officials have made their way to Washington. The core agenda is to resolve the lingering trade issues, particularly focusing on the aluminium sector, which has been a...


United States And India Reach Trade Accord On Aluminium And Steel Imports

The governments of the United States and India announced an agreement last week in which India will remove retaliatory tariffs on aluminium and steel as well as the dismissal of half a dozen trade disputes between the two at the World Trade Organization (WTO). United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai made the announcement on Thursday […]

WTO Rules Against Trump-Era Section 232 Tariffs On Aluminium And Steel

Last week the World Trade Organization ruled that the Trump-era import duties on aluminium and steel violated international law. On Friday the three-judge tribunal found that the import tariffs on aluminium and steel instituted in 2018 were in violation of the WTO鈥檚 rules and recommended that Washington amend the tariffs to comport to those rules. […]

Egypt Imposes Anti-Dumping Duties On Imports Of Certain Aluminium Products

The Egyptian government this week announced anti-dumping measures against imported aluminium products for the next three years. According to domestic media, the government will impose anti-dumping measures on molds, cylinders, and wire starting this week. The sanctions would be set at 16.5 percent of Insurance and Freight (CIF) value, with a minimum of US$333 per […]