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Turkey Queues Up Complaint Against Trump’s Doubled Aluminium Tariffs At WTO

Turkey Queues Up Complaint Against Trump’s Doubled Aluminium Tariffs At WTO

The Turkish government said last week that it will challenge the doubling of aluminium and steel tariffs on shipments from its producers at the World Trade Organization. Turkey’s trade minister Ruhsar Pekcan revealed in comments in Ankara last week that the government...


Alcoa Seeks Tariff Reprieve From Trump Administration For Specialty Aluminium

Iconic American aluminium producer Alcoa Corporation has approached the Trump administration to obtain from relief from the Section 232 aluminium tariffs that were levied upon all imports earlier this year, saying that they are now suffering from the measure enacted specifically for their benefit. The firm filed a quintet of requests for waivers with the […]

Trump Tariffs Lead To Aluminium Can Shortages For Canadian Microbreweries

The war of tariffs kicked off by the Trump administration’s imposition of aluminium and steel duties earlier this year has put the squeeze on Canadian microbreweries, leading some to cut production for lack of aluminium beer cans. Coverage on Tuesday by Reuters noted that, despite the dominion’s significant aluminium beverage can production, Canada also relies […]

Coca-Cola Says Trump Aluminium Tariffs Force Price Increase

Citing the recent tariffs imposed upon aluminium and steel imports by the Trump administration, The Coca-Cola Company’s CEO James Quincey told shareholders last week that his company had no choice but to increase product prices. Speaking on a conference call, Quincey said the price increase, though “disruptive,” is unavoidable. “Obviously, while [customers] may understand the […]

U.S. Commerce Sec’y Ross Defends Section 232 Tariffs As Vital For Aluminium Sector

Asserting that such measures are critical for the reemergence of the American aluminium sector, United States Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross defended the Trump administration’s Section 232 tariffs in an op-ed published earlier this week. Ross praised the measure in the piece, opining the move as decisive in the sector’s reinvigoration. “The remarkable revitalization of […]