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Trump Administration Loosens Aluminium And Steel Quotas For Three Countries

Trump Administration Loosens Aluminium And Steel Quotas For Three Countries

United States President Donald Trump issued orders to relax the steel and aluminium quotas placed upon certain countries on Wednesday according to the U.S. Commerce Department. The Commerce Department’s release explained that its head, Secretary Wilbur Ross, has been granted the power...


USITC Votes Unanimously In Favor of Duties on Imported Chinese Aluminium Foil

The United States government fired another shot across the bow of the People’s Republic of China’s ship of state on Thursday when the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) voted unanimously in the affirmative for the proposition that imports of Chinese aluminium foil inflicted material harm upon the U.S. aluminium industry. The vote, which is […]

Trump Announces Plan to Enact Tariffs of 10 Percent on All Imported Aluminium

United States President Donald Trump confirmed yesterday what had long been rumored – his administration will be imposing steep tariffs on aluminium and steel in a matter of days. Trump revealed in an announcement yesterday that he will be putting his signature on documents authorizing new tariffs on aluminium of 10 percent and on steel […]

Insiders Say Trump Likely to Lay Ten-Percent Tariff on All Aluminium Imports

According to unnamed confidants who spoke to the media last week, United States president Donald Trump is planning to levy tariffs upon aluminium and steel imports that are harsher than recommendations given by the Commerce Department last month. Three White House insiders told Bloomberg late last week that Trump is leaning toward saddling steel imports […]

China Vows Retaliation if United States’ Response to Section 232 Aluminium Investigation Includes Tariffs

Describing the findings of the United States Commerce Department’s Section 232 investigation into aluminium and steel imports as “groundless” and inconsistent with the facts, China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOC) aimed withering criticism on Saturday at the report and its conclusions. The MOC’s chief of trade remedy and investigation bureau Wang Hejun is cited in state-run […]