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Emirates Global Aluminium Pondering IPO

Emirates Global Aluminium Pondering IPO

According to sources with knowledge of the situation, United Arab Emirates’ Emirates Global Aluminium is contemplating an initial public offering in the near future. The anonymous sources who spoke to regional media indicated that the firm is seeking advisers to assist in...


EGA Files for Four Patents on Improvements Upon the Hall-Héroult Smelting Process

UAE’s Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA) filed for four new patents on products and procedures it believes will increase the firm’s productivity and enhance its operating efficiency. Each of the four new patents are improvements upon the Hall-Héroult process for smelting primary aluminium. The first of the four patents is for a cathode block assembly that […]

EGA Loans First of Over Two Dozen Engineers to Saudi Arabia’s Ma’aden

UAE’s Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) loaned ten Emirati engineers to Saudi Arabia in order to gain experience the firm needs as it prepares to launch the Al Taweelah refinery next year. These ten engineers are the first of over two dozen to be sent to the Ma’aden alumina refinery this year. Ma’aden is the only […]

GCC Aluminium Firms Produced over 5 MM Metric Tons of Aluminium in 2016

According to numbers released by the Gulf Aluminium Council, the smelters of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) combined to produce 5.2 million metric tons of primary aluminium in 2016. The six producers’ totals were as follows: UAE’s Emirates Global Aluminium turned out 2.471 million metric tons, Bahrain’s Aluminium Bahrain produced 971,420 metric tons, Saudi Arabia’s […]

UAE Files for Arbitration Against India Over Undelivered Bauxite

The United Arab Emirates (UAE’s) Ras Al-Khaimah Investment Authority (RAKIA) filed for arbitration this week over a dispute involving a bauxite agreement with the government of India. The Indian government was served with notice for arbitration arising from a claim by RAKIA under the Bilateral Investment Protection Agreement between the two countries. RAKIA is seeking […]

EGA Expands St. Louis Office

UAE’s Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA) announced plans to open a new and larger office in the United States. The firm intends it to enhance its international marketing presence. The new office, located in St. Louis, operates under the trade name Dubal America and coordinates its work with the firm’s American customers. EGA has sold to […]