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No Trump Aluminium Tariff Exemption In The Offing For Israel, Sources Lament

No Trump Aluminium Tariff Exemption In The Offing For Israel, Sources Lament

Though considered by many to be among the United States’ closes allies, the government of Israel announced earlier this week that it has been unable to obtain an exception from the Trump administration’s blanket import tariffs on aluminium and steel. Israel’s inability...


India Requests to Join Norway’s Complaint Against Trump Aluminium Tariff at WTO

Earlier this week the government of India expressed its interest in joining a complaint at the World Trade Organization initiated by Norway’s government in response to the blanket 10-percent tariffs instituted by the Trump administration and assessed against aluminium imported to the United States. Noting the country’s significant trade interest in the aluminium sector, the […]

Brazil Continues Talks for Permanent Exemption to Trump Aluminium Tariff

Brazilian president Michel Temer said earlier this week that talks with representatives of the United States government regarding exemptions for his country’s aluminium and steel producers are currently underway. Temer noted to local press on Tuesday that the two countries had strong economic incentives to find an agreement, pointing out the US$51 billion in bilateral […]

U.S. Commerce Department Issues First Exceptions to Trump Tariffs

The first of what is expected to be several companies to be excluded from the Trump administration’s aluminium and steel tariffs were granted by the United States Commerce Department last week. Though none have yet been granted to aluminium firms, the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) is in the process of reviewing […]

Canadian Government Will Support Dominion’s Aluminium Smelters: Foreign Minister Freeland

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland went on record again Wednesday to voice her government’s support for the dominion’s aluminium and steel producers who are struggling with the effects of Trump’s blanket aluminium and steel tariffs of this spring. Citing Ottawa’s support of the softwood lumber industry last fall, Freeland expressed empathy for Canadian aluminium […]

EU Enacts €2.8 Billion in Retaliatory Tariffs to Counter Trump Aluminium Duties

Making good on promises made earlier this month, yesterday the European Union levied retaliatory tariffs against goods imported from the United States in an effort at mitigating damages the Union expects to sustain due to the Trump administration’s tariffs on aluminium and steel. The tariffs, which affect an estimated €2.8 billion in imports from across […]