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Trump Tariffs Lead To Aluminium Can Shortages For Canadian Microbreweries

Trump Tariffs Lead To Aluminium Can Shortages For Canadian Microbreweries

The war of tariffs kicked off by the Trump administration’s imposition of aluminium and steel duties earlier this year has put the squeeze on Canadian microbreweries, leading some to cut production for lack of aluminium beer cans. Coverage on Tuesday by Reuters...


India’s Retaliatory Trade Measures In Response To Trump Aluminium Tariffs Inappropriate – Deputy Trade Rep Gerrish

Wincing from retaliatory trade measures imposed by the Indian government, a senior United States trade official characterized India’s decision to implement such measures as inappropriate. Deputy United States Trade Representative Jeffrey Gerrish made the comments on Thursday before the first Annual Leadership Summit of US India Strategic and Partnership Forum (USISPF). According to Gerrish, the […]

U.S. Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Resolution Condemning Trump Aluminium Tariffs

The upper house of the United States legislature aired its displeasure regarding the Trump administration’s use of tariffs like that assessed against nearly all aluminium imports by passing a resolution condemning the practice. Though nonbinding, the resolution urged reconciliations between House and Senate bills to include provisions giving Congress a say in the use of […]

Switzerland Files Complaint Against Trump Aluminium Tariffs At WTO

Yet another country has taken the Trump administration’s blanket aluminium and steel tariffs to the World Trade Organization this week, with the Swiss government announcing yesterday that it too has filed a request for consultation with the United States government at the global trade body. Noting that the Swiss head of the Federal Department of […]

No Trump Aluminium Tariff Exemption In The Offing For Israel, Sources Lament

Though considered by many to be among the United States’ closes allies, the government of Israel announced earlier this week that it has been unable to obtain an exception from the Trump administration’s blanket import tariffs on aluminium and steel. Israel’s inability to win a reprieve from the Trump tariffs is not for a lack […]