Svein Richard Brandtzæg

Qatalum Shipping Aluminium Through Kuwait, Oman: Hydro’s Brandtzæg

Qatalum Shipping Aluminium Through Kuwait, Oman: Hydro’s Brandtzæg

Qatalum is shipping product via ports in Kuwait and Oman at present, solving at least for the near future the problem with which it suddenly found itself last week after Qatar’s neighbors cut ties with it due to a diplomatic kerfluffle. Yesterday...


Norsk Hydro Inks Agreement to Pursue Use of LNG at Brazil’s Alunorte Refinery

Norsk Hydro and the Brazilian state of Pará have entered into a Letter of Intent, and Hydro and Shell Brasil Petróleo LTDA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, both of which are aimed at transitioning the fuel supply for the Alunorte aluminium smelter from fuel oil to liquefied natural gas (LNG). The Letter of Intent […]

Norsk Hydro’s Q3 Numbers Slightly Down

Norsk Hydro released results for the third quarter of 2016 yesterday. Numbers were off largely thanks to a seasonal decline in sales and negative currency effects. The firm’s underlying EBIT was lower quarter-on-quarter, totaling NOK1.477 million, down from NOK1.618 million in Q2. Underlying EBIT was down for Bauxite & Alumina, Primary Metals, Rolled Products, Energy, […]

Automotive Demand for Aluminium Will Outstrip Chinese Capacity Restarts: Brandtzæg

Aluminium’s rally will be sustained by the auto industry, propelling demand that will outpace the People’s Republic of China’s rising production, according to Norsk Hydro’s Svein Richard Brandtzæg. Hydro’s CEO was quoted in an interview in London’s Financial Times. The market price for aluminium has risen ten percent in the West and thirteen percent in […]

Norsk Hydro’s Q2 Numbers Up Thanks to Higher Aluminium Prices

Norwegian aluminium producer Norsk Hydro announced second quarter results yesterday, which were up on the whole thanks to higher alumina and aluminium prices, the firm says. Net earnings prior to financial items and tax totaled US$233.28 million, which included net unrealized derivative gains of US$3.77 million and positive metal effects totaling US$2 million. It also […]

Sapa and Norsk Hydro Agree to New Supply Contract

Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products GmbH, a fully-owned subsidiary of Norwegian aluminium company Norsk Hydro ASA, announced yesterday that it has come to an open-ended agreement with Norwegian extruded aluminium provider Sapa AS. The new agreement, which is for Norsk Hydro to provide extrusion ingot to Sapa, is to begin next year. The new agreement between […]