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Platts To Launch Low-Carbon Aluminium Price Assessments In April

Platts To Launch Low-Carbon Aluminium Price Assessments In April

S&P Global Platts said on Friday it would begin a service to provide pricing assessments for low-carbon aluminium next month. Platts’ move to offer low-carbon aluminium pricing is in stark contrast to the London Metal Exchange. The LME declined calls for such,...


Handful Of Japanese Buyers Still Negotiating Q4 Premiums For Billet, Slab, Foundry Alloys

Per buyer sources who spoke to industrial media late last week, a few Japanese aluminium customers are still negotiating fourth quarter aluminum premium for billet, slab, and foundry alloys. However, negotiations for standard ingot billets have concluded, they revealed. S&P Global Platts reported that sources informed them on Thursday that certain producers have come to […]

U.S. Legislators Introduce Bipartisan Bill Seeking To Regulate Aluminium Pricing

A bill introduced jointly by one Republican and one Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives would, if passed, hand authority to the Commodities Futures Trading Commission to oversee the aluminium futures trading activity in the United States, including ceding it power to investigate price setting and benchmarking. Representatives Ken Buck (CO-04) and […]

China’s Aluminium and Alumina Operations Spared By Typhoon Mangkhut

Aluminium smelters and alumina refineries have thus far been spared the ravages of Typhoon Mangkhut according to sources on the ground in southern China. Sources who spoke to Platts over the weekend confirmed only minor inconveniences to operations in the area. “Maybe deliveries on the roads have been slightly affected, but nothing has impacted production […]

U.S. Representative Seeks Federal Investigation into Midwest Transactional Premium

A federal representative from eastern Colorado is spearheading a petition to urge United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate allegations that S&P Global Platts is illegally manipulating the American aluminium market. Republican Representative Ken Buck’s office released the letter to Attorney General Sessions early last week. The letter alleges that, despite the logistical costs […]