South32 Increases Its Share In Mozal Aluminium To 63.7 Percent

South32 Increases Its Share In Mozal Aluminium To 63.7 Percent

Australian metals miner South32 announced this week that it has purchased an additional 16.6 percent of Mozal Aluminium from MCA Metals Holding GmbH for about US$200 million. Per the firm, South32’s ownership of Mozal Aluminium now totals 63.7 percent, giving it an...


Alcoa To Restart Alumar Aluminium Refinery In Brazil After Six Year Shutdown

Pittsburgh aluminium pioneer Alcoa Corporation announced this week the reopening of its Alumar aluminium smelter in São Luís, Brazil. The operation has been shuttered since 2015. Alcoa says it is immediately restarting the facility, with the expectation that first metal will emanate from the plant in the middle of next year. The entire nameplate capacity […]

South32 Inks Two New Agreements With SRG Global For Services At Worsley Alumina

Earlier this week Australian metals miner South32 awarded a pair of services contracts for operations at Worsley Alumina to SRG Global worth approximately A$125 million. According to a filing with the Australian stock exchange, South32 has contracted for specialist Refractory Services from SRG Global, which includes gunning, casting, and installation of refractory products at South32’s […]

South32’s Bottom Line Punished By Weak Aluminium Prices In FY 2019

A drop in aluminium prices thanks to the heightening trade war between the United States and the People’s Republic of China took a serious toll on Australian metals miner South32 Limited’s results for the fiscal year of 2019, as the firm reported a 25-percent fall in annual profits over the course of the year. According […]