ShFE Aluminium Stocks Decline and CRU Predicts 4 Million Tonne Surplus In 2020

ShFE Aluminium Stocks Decline and CRU Predicts 4 Million Tonne Surplus In 2020

Data shows that aluminium stocks on the Shanghai Futures Exchange (ShFE) have fallen for the first time in 2020, going down by 5,922 tons, or 1.1% from the previous week. However, as the coronavirus outbreak spreading across the global has weakened demand,...


Why aluminium prices still have potential to grow

Aluminium has been the top-performing base metal this year, prices climbing 25 % so far, largely due to China’s determination to shutter illegal smelters, and cut production of aluminium and alumina by 30% in four provinces around Beijing during the winter, to curb pollution. After reaching the its highest level in five years of US$ […]

BofAML Predicts Global Aluminium Deficit By Year’s End

A report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) Global Research predicts a global aluminium deficit by year’s end thanks in large part to capacity closures at smelters in the People’s Republic of China. The report indicates word of capacity closures totaling 4.3 million metric tons per annum at smelters in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, […]

Aluminium Prices Break US$1,700 Barrier, Setting Fifteen-Month High

Aluminium prices broke through the US$1,700-per-metric-ton limit at the London Metal Exchange earlier this week. Experts chalk up the fifteen-month high to rising costs and a significant uptick in aluminium demand. Although the price has bumped up against the US$1,700 ceiling on the LME four times this year, the price finally broke through in part […]

Hindalco Stock Corrected 6% Over Past Two Trading Sessions

Stock of India’s Hindalco Industries Ltd. has experienced a 6% correction over the last two trading periods on the National Stock Exchange of India. Experts say the slide in the Aditya Birla Group subsidiary is due to a similar dip in the price of primary aluminium on the LME. Although the sector has experienced a […]