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WTO Rules In Favor Of US Against China’s Retaliatory Trade Measures Against Aluminium Tariff

WTO Rules In Favor Of US Against China’s Retaliatory Trade Measures Against Aluminium Tariff

Last week the Word Trade Organization (WTO) handed down a decision in a trade dispute between the United States and the People’s Republic of China, finding that the latter acted out of step with its obligations to the WTO by levying further...


Century Aluminum Applauds Biden Administration’s New Tariffs On Russian Aluminium

American primary aluminium producer Century Aluminum’s top executive came out in support of the Biden administration’s decision to apply a 200 percent tariff on imported aluminium from the Russian Federation. In a press release, President and Chief Executive Officer Jesse Gary said the move was long overdue. “Century Aluminum fully supports the Biden administration’s decision […]

Biden Administration Imposes Additional 200 Percent Tariff On Russian Aluminium

The United States government has taken the long-expected step of imposing a hefty tariff on primary aluminium and derivative products imported from the Russian Federation last week, opting to place a 200 percent increased tariff on all such imports. The tariff, which will take effect in March, is a de facto ban on Russian aluminium. […]

UK PM Boris Johnson Bullish After Aluminium Tariff Detente By Biden Administration

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is encouraged by the Biden Administration’s actions to date in ratcheting down barriers to imported steel and aluminium erected by the Trump Administration. Such were the comments conveyed by a spokesperson for the prime minister last week. The unidentified spokesperson made the encouraging remarks in answer to a question posed […]

Aluminum Association Urges Biden Administration To Continue Protecting Domestic Producers Against Unfair Competition From Abroad

Aluminium sector trade group Aluminum Association released a new policy brief last week that it says the United States government must implement in order to ensure that the American aluminium industry remains competitive with global producers. The brief, entitled “A Trade Policy Framework for the U.S. Aluminum Industry,” suggested several policy directions for the Biden […]