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US Trade Rep Tai Hopeful Of Breaking Impasse With EU On Aluminium And Steel Tariffs

US Trade Rep Tai Hopeful Of Breaking Impasse With EU On Aluminium And Steel Tariffs

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said last week she had high hopes for the current negotiations between the United States and Europe over putting to bed an ongoing dispute over aluminium and steel tariffs. “The conversations are intensive,” Tai said to reporters...


Trump Rescinds Section 232 Tariffs On Canadian Aluminium, But Promises Reimposing Them Should Imports Spike

Donald Trump ended the import tariff on aluminium from Canada earlier this week, but he promised to reinstate it should shipments from the dominion spike at some point later this year. Trump鈥檚 announcement comes after a new agreement between the two governments that saw the reinstatement of Canada鈥檚 exemption to the administration鈥檚 Section 232 blanket […]

Canada Set To Announce Final Targets For Retaliatory Aluminium Tariffs This Week

Domestic media is reporting that retaliatory sanctions could be announced as early as today by the Canadian government in response to the Trump Administration鈥檚 levying of tariffs on the dominion鈥檚 aluminium last month. Anonymous sources told The Globe and Mail in Toronto that the announcement would likely be either today or tomorrow that the Canadian […]

Section 232 Tariffs Necessary To Stem Tide Of 鈥淯nprecedented Surge鈥 Of Canadian Aluminium: Century CEO Bless

American aluminium maker Century Aluminum鈥檚 president and chief executive officer Michael Bless went on record Thursday in support of United States president Donald Trump鈥檚 decision to reinstate Section 232 tariffs on aluminium and steel on imports of the same from Canada. Citing a 95-percent increase in imports of unalloyed primary aluminium from the dominion in […]