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Hindalco Calls On Protection From Imports As Low-Cost Aluminium Threatens To Flood Indian Producers

Hindalco Calls On Protection From Imports As Low-Cost Aluminium Threatens To Flood Indian Producers

The call for protection against a flood of low-cost aluminium imports has again been raised to the Indian government, this time from the country’s top producer of the metal. Hindalco’s managing director Satish Pai told domestic media that the rising tide of...


Novelis to Ramp Up Automotive Aluminium Offerings: Hindalco’s Pai

Hindalco Industries’ managing director Satish Pai told local media this week that the firm is continuing to position itself in front of an expected rise in automotive aluminium demand by expanding the offerings of their Atlanta subsidiary Novelis. Pai said that current production plans would have Novelis’ shipments of automotive aluminium rise to fully one-quarter […]

Hindalco Setting Aside US$3 Billion for Foreign Acquisitions

Indian mining giant Aditya Birla Group is reportedly setting aside at least US$3 billion in funding to be used for acquiring going concerns to add to its subsidiary Hindalco Industries. According to anonymous sources who spoke to domestic media, Aditya Birla is looking to make a move into the downstream aluminium sector. Such a move […]

Hindalco Eyeing Expanding Operations to China

In an interview with local media, Hindalco’s managing director Satish Pai opined that capacity cuts occurring in the People’s Republic of China may well be a boon for global aluminium prices. Noting that the Chinese government is in the midst of consolidating its steel industry in order to limit pollution, Pai stated that the same […]

Hindalco Plans High-End Aluminium Alloy Plate Plant to Serve Defense Sector

Hindalco Industries Ltd. will soon begin producing high-end aluminium alloy plate for India’s defense industry. The firm’s managing director Satish Pai revealed the fact during an interview with domestic media on Tuesday. The plant will take two years to build and is estimated to require an investment of US$307 million, part of which may be […]

Hindalco Raises US$500 MM via Stock Offering

Two-and-a-half years after a tepid reaction from investors to a similar opportunity, a qualified institutional placement (QIP) launched on Friday netted Hindalco US$500 million over the weekend. The QIP, which was India’s first metal sector share sale using the method, was also the country’s largest non-bank QIP since 2015. Foreign investors including Fidelity, Halbis, Blackrock, […]