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Planning Board Gives OK To Aughinish Alumina For Expansion Of Red Mud Reservoir

Planning Board Gives OK To Aughinish Alumina For Expansion Of Red Mud Reservoir

A local planning board has given Aughinish Alumina Ltd permission to expand its red mud storage area (“bauxite residue disposal area,” or BRDA), enabling the refinery to continue in operation for nearly two more decades. Last week, the An Bord Pleanála signed...


Aughinish Alumina Seeks Storage Modifications That Will Keep Site Running Through 2039

Rusal’s Aughinish Alumina has applied to the local planning commission to begin several new improvements that it says will insure that Europe’s biggest alumina refinery will stay online through 2039. Local media reports that officials from the plant say that without these improvements the plant is likely to cease operating by 2030 at current production […]

Aughinish Contractor Files Suit To Stop Proposed Strike At Plant

A contractor for Aughinish Alumina has filed suit in the Republic of Ireland’s High Court to enjoin a planned work stoppage at the plant on the grounds that the strike is not a valid trade dispute. Murphy International Ltd (MIL) initiated proceedings late last week against trade union Unite and its plans to commence a […]

Rusal Reports 20.8 Percent Rise In Aluminium Sales During Second Quarter

Russian Federation aluminium titan U.C. Rusal released operating results for the second quarter of 2019 on Friday. Production of aluminium and alumina remained essentially level, with sales in the quarter increasing to catch up on a backlog of product trapped in inventory due to last year’s OFAC sanctions. In the first quarter Rusal produced 938 […]

Final Month Of U.S. Sanctions Weigh Down Rusal’s Q1 Results

Russian Federation aluminium giant U.C. Rusal reported first-quarter financial and production results yesterday. Though production and sales remained relatively steady in the quarter, financial numbers struggled due to a drop in prices at the LME and the tail end of sanctions placed upon it by the United States government. In the first quarter Rusal smelted […]

Rusal Bauxite Production Jumped 18.9 Percent In 2018

Despite being hampered by sanctions most of both periods, Russian aluminium giant U.C. Rusal showed production results ranging from level pegging to significant increases in both the fourth quarter and the full year of 2018. In last year’s final quarter, Rusal produced 943 thousand metric tons of primary aluminium, up by 3 thousand metric tons […]