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Expanded Aluminium Capacity Under Consideration by Sohar Aluminium

Expanded Aluminium Capacity Under Consideration by Sohar Aluminium

The CEO of Oman’s Sohar Aluminium told domestic media late last week that his company plans to increase its smelting capacity and its downstream capabilities over the next several years. Said Mohammed Al Masoudi said that Sohar is aligning its priorities with...


Citing Power Prices, Boyne Aluminium Smelter Cuts Production and Jobs

Facing a squeeze in power prices, Australia’s Boyne Island Aluminium Smelter said Friday that it will be forced to cut capacity and shrink manpower beyond the levels announced in January. According to a statement released to the media, Rio indicated that capacity would be cut by fourteen percent and that “a significant number of jobs […]

Power Blackouts in NSW Threaten Tomago Aluminium

New South Wales’ Tomago aluminium smelter is hoping to avoid a “catastrophe” after being forced to shut down production on its three potlines due to severe power shortages in the area. The state’s power grid has been pushed to the max and beyond in recent days as temperatures have risen above the century mark over […]

No threat of closure for South East Europe’s smelters in near future

Latest on SEE primary aluminium industry In the Balkan region, there are currently five operational smelters producing some 610,000 tonnes of primary aluminium a year, with total capacity of 672,000 tonnes/year. However, production has decreased by over 180,000 tonnes in 2015, compared to 2006. Today, there are just over 6000 workers employed compared to over […]

The Aluminum Association Announces New Exec and New Board Members

Arlington, Virginia aluminium trade organization The Aluminum Association announced an expansion to its leadership team and new members to its Board of Directors at its annual meeting earlier this week. “This is a pivotal time for the domestic aluminum industry – with tremendous demand side opportunities but also significant challenges on the global trade front,” […]