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MRAI Calls For Abolition Of India’s 2.5% Customs Duty On Scrap Aluminium

MRAI Calls For Abolition Of India’s 2.5% Customs Duty On Scrap Aluminium

Secondary aluminium trade lobby group Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI) called upon Centre to drop the country’s 2.5-percent customs duty on imported scrap aluminium earlier this week. The move is in stark contrast with the Aluminium Association of India’s (AAI) continued...

Indian Government Enacts Retaliatory Duties In Response To Trump Aluminium Tariffs

The Indian government responded to the Trump administration’s blanket tariffs on aluminium and steel by suspending concessions on over two dozen imported items from the United States, notifying the World Trade Organization that the tariffs it enacts, which will be on products including motorcycles, iron and steel products, lentils, and boric acid, are intended to […]

India Files Complaint with WTO Over Trump Aluminium Tariffs

The government of India has joined an ever-lengthening queue of countries taking the United States to task over the Trump administration’s imposition of aluminium tariffs earlier this year, taking the first step in the process of challenging the tariff at the World Trade Organization (WTO). An official with India’s Directorate General of Foreign Trade made […]

India’s Government Warns of Negative Impact of Trump’s Aluminium Tariffs

The Indian government warned that the 10-percent tariffs enacted by United States President Donald Trump on all imported aluminium will have a negative impact upon India’s exports to the U.S. market. Although the Indian government has already approached the Trump administration seeking an exemption from the tariffs, Minister of State for Commerce and Industry C. […]