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Daiki To Build Automotive Aluminium Alloy Plant In South India

Daiki To Build Automotive Aluminium Alloy Plant In South India

A Japanese firm announced plans last week to invest ₹2.5 billion (US$36.1 million) in an aluminium alloy ingot plant to be constructed in South India. Per domestic reporting, Daiki Aluminium Industry Co. Ltd’s subsidiary Daiki Aluminium is planning to build the plant,...


State-Subsidized Imports Crippling U.S. Aluminium Producers: Report

Bolstering the case made by a recent report issued by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a white paper released on Tuesday by the American Primary Aluminum Association (APAA) argues that state subsidies of domestic aluminium production is widespread and pervasive, and the subsidies are having a harmful effect on producers in market-based […]

India’s Aluminium Recyclers Push Back Against Talk Of Imported Scrap Tariff Hike

Though India’s primary aluminium producers continue to call for raising import duties on raw and scrap aluminium, downstream interests steadfastly oppose such a move, and have again gone on record to detail the harm they expect a rise in aluminium import duties would exact. An open letter penned by President of Material Recycling Association of […]

India’s Commerce Ministry Lends Support To Increasing Import Duties On Aluminium

An increase in import duties on aluminium entering India gained more momentum this week, as Union Minister Suresh Prabhu revealed that the country’s commerce ministry favors such a measure as a means to protect domestic manufacturers. “That is a proposal to protect our domestic industry. The proposal is under examination and we support the proposal,” […]

Plight Of India’s Downstream Aluminium Sector Overshadowed By “Selfish” Primary Producers: ASMA’s Agarwal

Responding to a news brief published by Aluminium Insider last month, Aluminium Secondary Manufacturers Association (ASMA) patron Anil Agarwal emailed a three-page response to the site’s editor-in-chief challenging primary aluminium producers’ contentions that a flood of low-cost aluminium from the People’s Republic of China is inflicting harm upon the country’s primary aluminium producers. Agarwal charged […]