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Contract Workers At Ghana Bauxite Mining Company Threaten Walkout Over Poor Work Conditions

Contract Workers At Ghana Bauxite Mining Company Threaten Walkout Over Poor Work Conditions

Labor unrest threatens production at Ghana Bauxite Mining Company Limited, as contract employees pledged to walk off the job unless and until working conditions improve at the site. Per labor spokesperson Issahaku Yakabu, management at the plant is not paying into the...


Infrastructure Improvements Outweigh All Other Concerns Over Bauxite Deal With China – Ghana PM Osei Owusu

Debate continues to rage over the proposed US$2-billion deal between the west African republic of Ghana and the People’s Republic of China that would have China’s Sinohydro Group Limited gain access to Ghana’s significant bauxite resources in exchange for badly-needed infrastructure improvements. Earlier this week Ghana’s First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Joe Osei Owusu told […]

Ghana’s Minority Leader Calls On IMF To Review Bauxite Deal With China

Pushback is increasing against a deal between the governments of Ghana and the People’s Republic of China over a US$2-million deal to trade Ghanaian bauxite ore for the construction of badly-needed infrastructure in the country by China, as Thursday saw Ghana’s minority leader call for the deal to be reviewed by the International Monetary Fund […]

Ghana Politician Counsels Renegotiation Of US$2 Billion Bauxite Deal With China

A former Ghanaian state official is speaking out against the US$2 billion bauxite deal his government negotiated with the People’s Republic of China on the grounds that the deal is excessively one-sided. Former Chief Executive Officer of the State Enterprises Commission Dr. Camynta Baezie is calling upon Accra to renegotiate the deal with a view […]

Ghana’s Chamber Of Commerce Lends Support To Government’s Bauxite Plans

Ghana’s chamber of commerce announced their support for the country’s plan for bringing its significant bauxite ore to market last week. Mark Badu-Aboagye, president of the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GNCCI) said in a statement that the country’s Integrated Bauxite and Aluminium Project represented an excellent first step in the journey to […]

Ghana’s Parliament Signs Off On Deal With Chinese Firm To Trade Bauxite Ore For US$2 Billion In Infrastructure Improvements

The Ghanaian parliament passed late last week an agreement with the People’s Republic of China’s SynoHydro Corporation to build US$2 billion in infrastructure improvements in exchange for access to Ghana’s sizable bauxite ore reserves. Per the agreement, which the government stresses is a barter agreement and not a loan, SynoHydro will construct roads, bridges, interchanges, […]