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Ghana Environmental Group Criticizes Bauxite Mining Plan For Atiwa Forest

Ghana Environmental Group Criticizes Bauxite Mining Plan For Atiwa Forest

A Ghanian environmental group is calling upon the country’s government to block bauxite mining at the Atiwa forest and instead declare the land a national park. Last week Daryl Bosu, deputy national director for A ROCHA, told domestic media that the forest...


First Payment On Infrastructure-For-Bauxite Deal Made By China To Ghana

After talks last weekend between representatives of the two governments, Ghana confirmed that it is going ahead with a US$2-billion deal with the People’s Republic of China to exchange infrastructure improvements in the West African country for bauxite ore. According to Ghanaian Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia, Beijing has already released the first payment on the deal, […]

Ghana Bauxite Authority Urged By Domestic NGOs To Seek ASI Certification

A domestic NGO is urging the Ghanaian aluminium authority to pursue certification by the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) in order to ensure that its efforts at extracting and marketing its wealth of bauxite ore is done in a safe and responsible manner. Abu Karimu, director of Settle Ghana, urged the Ghana Integrated Bauxite and Aluminium […]

Ghana Government Promotes “Open Door” Policy For Domestic Bauxite Trade

Ghana’s aluminium promotion and development body is attempting to foster greater communication between the state and various stakeholders in order to ensure that its bauxite ore reserves are utilized to the most beneficial extent possible. Last week the Ghana Integrated Aluminium Development Corporation (GIADEC) announced to local media the implementation of an “open door” policy […]

Government Increases Security At Ransacked Bauxite Mine In SW Ghana

The fallout from violent protests at a bauxite mining operation in southwest Ghana continues as the mine’s management company called upon the government to arrest and prosecute those responsible for property destruction during the course of Monday’s unrest. Ghana Bauxite Company’s general manager J.K. Fang told local media that such action was necessary in order […]