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ABx Applies For Mining Lease At Binjour Bauxite Site In Queensland

ABx Applies For Mining Lease At Binjour Bauxite Site In Queensland

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) announced yesterday that its wholly-owned subsidiary ABx3 Pty Ltd applied for a mining lease at the Sunrise Bauxite Project in order to begin extraction at its Binjour Bauxite Discovery in Queensland. Per the company, the A$15-million project is...


ABx Applies for A$20 MM Grant for Binjour Bauxite Project in QLD

Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) announced yesterday that it has teamed up with marketing partner Rawmin to request a grant from the Australian government for funds to develop its Binjour Bauxite Project. The firms submitted a grant proposal to Canberra for the Regional Jobs and Investment Package for the Wide Bay Burnett region in Queensland. The […]

ABx to Take Next Step in Review of Bauxite Resources at Binjour

Sydney’s Australian Bauxite Limited updated investors on the progress of its flagship project yesterday, advising them that the review of the resources at Binjour are soon to progress to their next logical step. According to ABx, marketing partner Rawmin Mining and Industries Pvt. Ltd has requested to advance with the review at Binjour the two […]

ABx Releases Q3 Numbers

Australian Bauxite Limited released third-quarter results yesterday. The report showcased the firm’s continuing uptick in sales and production. According to the report, current group available cash is approximately A$2.4 million, plus available lines of credit in the event further working capital becomes necessary. The firm says it does not plan to raise capital in the […]

ABx Continues Above-Market Sales of Fertilizer-Grade Bauxite

Sydney’s Australian Bauxite Limited announced yesterday that it continues to sell fertilizer-grade bauxite, and it boasts that the sales the firm has been making in recent months have been above prices in the fertilizer-grade bauxite markets that they characterize as being oversupplied. Although the firm points out that fertilizer-grade bauxite sales are seasonal and affected […]

ABx Completes Major Third Sale of 35k Metric Tons of Ore

Australian Bauxite Limited announced another significant sale today. The firm said in a news release that a sale of 35,000 metric tons of bauxite had been inked in recent days. The sale in question is a replacement of an earlier sale for 5,000 metric tons made late last month. No buyer or sale price was […]