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China Imports Of Bauxite Ore Rose By 24.9 Percent In 2019 Through July

China Imports Of Bauxite Ore Rose By 24.9 Percent In 2019 Through July

As improvements to low-temperature alumina production continue by refiners in the People’s Republic of China, the country’s thirst for overseas bauxite increases. Such was the story told by Customs data released on Sunday that showed a 24.9 percent jump on the year...


China Sets Fourth-Quarter Aluminium Scrap Import Quota At 306,930 Metric Tons

Beijing issued scrap metal import quotas for the third quarter on Wednesday, with increases in allowed tonnage for aluminium, copper, and ferrous scrap for the period. In the third quarter, China Solid Waste and Chemicals Management will allow 436,930 metric tons of scrap metal into its ports, broken up into 306,930 metric tons of aluminium […]

Henan To Cap Primary Aluminium Production, Increase Value-Added Capacity In 2020

The government of China’s top aluminium-smelting region announced plans earlier this week to limit primary aluminium production to 2.5 million metric tons per annum beginning next year in order to allow it to transition into a more downstream-oriented production paradigm. Overall the Henan provincial government plans to turn out 12 million metric tons per annum […]

China’s Bauxite Ore Imports Rose By 33.18 Percent On The Year In May

Though down slightly from the prior month, May saw imports of bauxite ore into the People’s Republic of China spike by double digits on the year last month. Such was the story told by numbers released by Customs officials in Beijing earlier this week. Per Customs, imports of the aluminium precursor last month totaled 9.71 […]

China Releases Strict Aluminium Scrap Import Quotas For Third Quarter

The government of the People’s Republic of China issued the first round of aluminium scrap import quotas earlier this week. The quotas, which are set to go into effect on July 1, will see a drop in aluminium scrap shipped into Chinese ports of almost 85 percent. As of July 1, aluminium scrap imported into […]