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European Aluminium Calls On European Commission To Address Subsidized Aluminium From China

European Aluminium Calls On European Commission To Address Subsidized Aluminium From China

Earlier this week aluminium trade group European Aluminium petitioned the European Commission to take the next step after issuing a white paper on the negative effects of subsidized imports to the continent by taking concrete actions against importers from the People鈥檚 Republic...


CNIA Suggest Aluminium Stockpiling In Response To Coronavirus Woes

In a bid to limit the pressure on aluminium producers in the People鈥檚 Republic of China exerted by the quickly-spreading coronavirus, the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNIA) advised stockpiling the metal until the crisis has passed. The CNIA said most of the country鈥檚 major suppliers have been able to maintain 鈥渘ormal production,鈥 but demand […]

CNIA Denies Aluminium Dumping Allegations, Citing Better Tech And 鈥淚nternal鈥 Factors In Europe

The People鈥檚 Republic of China鈥檚 aluminium trade group denied dumping allegations by their counterparts in the European Union, responding in a statement that it is being unfairly punished for 鈥渋nternal鈥 factors occurring at the complaining companies. 鈥淐hina鈥檚 aluminum extrusion products have not caused damage to the EU鈥檚 relevant industries and there is no dumping in […]

European Commission Launches Anti-Dumping Investigation Targeting Chinese Aluminium Extruders

Late last week the European Commission announced that it has begun an official inquiry into allegations that aluminium extrusions producers from the People鈥檚 Republic of China are dumping their product on the continent鈥檚 market, thereby undercutting local producers. The Commission issued the notice on Friday as part of its regularly-published journal. The EC鈥檚 investigation is […]

China Releases New Standards For Imported Aluminium Scrap

The long-awaited new standards on imported scrap aluminium and copper were published by the government of the People鈥檚 Republic of China on Sunday. The new standards, which will go into effect on July 1, place the minimum aluminium and aluminium alloy content at 100 percent for recycled aluminium ingot, 98 percent for aluminium castings, and […]