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China Records All-Time High in August Aluminium Production

China Records All-Time High in August Aluminium Production

China’s primary aluminium output witnessed a significant surge in August, reaching an all-time monthly high. According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Friday, China’s output rose by 3.1% year-on-year to a striking 3.6 million metric tons. The...


Yunnan To Ease Power Curbs And Boost Aluminium Smelting Capacity Later This Month

The Yunnan government is easing off on power usage restrictions later this month, which is likely to boost aluminium output in the region according to sources claiming knowledge of the situation. The region has been struggling through drought in recent months, which has prompted the fourth-biggest aluminium producing region to cut aluminium capacity on two […]

Yunnan Power Cuts Drive Up China’s Aluminium Imports By 27.1 Percent In April

Aluminium imports into the People’s Republic of China rose by 27.1 percent on the year last month partly as a result of power supply issues plaguing aluminium smelters in the southwest of the country. April saw the Middle Kingdom bring in 222,851 metric tons of unwrought aluminium according to customs data that was released last […]

Aluminium Magnate Oleg Deripaska Critical Of Russia’s Outdated Financial System

Russian oligarch and aluminium titan Oleg Deripaska went on record earlier this week criticizing his country’s outdated financial system, noting that Russia’s financial sector is going backwards while the rest of the world leaves them behind. Although criticism of Moscow by Russians can be dangerous, it appears that the founder and stakeholder in UC Rusal […]

China’s Aluminium Production Sets New Record High In 2022 As Imports Fall Off

Numbers released this week by Beijing show that the People’s Republic of China’s aluminium production rose to a new record high last year as imports of primary aluminium fell off steeply from the prior year’s total. In 2022, aluminium smelters in China bested the prior year’s production by 4.5 percent, setting the new record at […]