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European Union Levies Tariffs Of Up To 18.2 Percent On Aluminium Foil From China

European Union Levies Tariffs Of Up To 18.2 Percent On Aluminium Foil From China

New import tariffs on aluminium foil from the People’s Republic of China are in the offing, as the European Commission found this week that Chinese producers received unfair and excessive state subsidies. The EU’s official journal noted the action, revealing that the...


European Aluminium Criticizes European Commission’s Suspension Of Anti-Dumping Duties On Chinese Producers

Aluminium trade group European Aluminium Association said on Monday that it approved of the European Commission’s final confirmation of definitive anti-dumping duties on flat-rolled aluminium products (FRP) on the European market. However, it continued to oppose the nine-month suspension of such duties, which the EC officially confirmed this week. EA noted the official findings by […]

Beijing Releases Another 70 Thousand Metric Tons Of Primary Aluminium

The People’s Republic of China released another 70 thousand metric tons of aluminium yesterday in yet another effort at bringing down metals prices and increasing supply. Beijing’s release of metals was the fourth such release this year. Also released on Saturday was 50 thousand metric tons of zinc and 30 thousand metric tons of copper. […]

European Aluminium Urges Regulators To Act Decisively Against Chinese Importers

Trade group European Aluminium Association said this week that the European government intends on imposing import duties on aluminium shipped in from the People’s Republic of China next month, but will ultimately suspend those import duties for nine months. The European Commission’s investigation into Chinese aluminium imports determined that the Middle Kingdom flooded the continent’s […]

Beijing Promises Swift Action Against Speculators Suspected Of Spiking Aluminium Prices

Market regulators in Beijing said earlier this week that aluminium and other commodities suppliers should “reasonably” price their sales, and that speculators and stockpilers would face harsh penalties for actions resulting in price spikes. With prices for aluminium in Shanghai higher than they’ve been in over a decade, the State Administration of Market Regulation said […]