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Malaysian Government To Begin Issuing Bauxite Mining Licenses By End Of January

Malaysian Government To Begin Issuing Bauxite Mining Licenses By End Of January

The Malaysian government will begin to issue mining licenses to bauxite miners within the next three months according to a statement made by a federal minister today. Malaysia’s water, land and natural resources minister Xavier Jayakumar revealed to reporters at parliament earlier...


Landowners In Pahang Seek State Government Help In Restarting Bauxite Mining

Although the moratorium on bauxite mining in Pahang is now a thing of the past, operations have yet to resume due to a delay in issuance of standard operating procedures for the practice. As a result, Pahang landowners have begun to petition the state government seeking their intervention. Datuk Md Sohaimi Mohamed Shah, who is […]

Bauxite Mining SOP For Pahang Soon To Be Finalized: Natural Resources Minister

The regulations under which bauxite mining and export will be carried out in Pahang are now ready to be finalized, bringing miners one step closer to resuming bauxite ore extraction activities. Such was the announcement made by Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister Dr. A. Xavier Jayakumar earlier this week. In a statement released on […]

Kuantan PM Fuziah Pumps Brakes On Resumption Of Bauxite Mining In Pahang

An announcement to the contrary last month notwithstanding, it appears that legal bauxite mining will not return to Pahang at month’s end. Such was the sentiment expressed by Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh late last week. Per Fuziah’s office, the new delay is the product of a lack of clarity on bauxite mining standard operating procedures […]