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Norsk Hydro Closes On Purchase of Remaining Interest in Sapa from Orkla

Norsk Hydro Closes On Purchase of Remaining Interest in Sapa from Orkla

Norsk Hydro A.S.A. announced yesterday that it has completed the acquisition of the remaining shares of Sapa AS, making it the full owner of the firm. The two firms agreed upon an enterprise value for the entirety of Sapa’s operations of NOK27...


Sapa to Introduce Welding Machine Capable of Producing Extra-Large Panels for Offshore Use

Norway’s Sapa AS announced an initiative yesterday to develop new machinery that produces large, light aluminium products for offshore and maritime applications. The machinery is of sufficient size to produce aluminium panels 59’ long and 11-1/2’ wide. The machinery in question is a large-scale friction stir welding machine installed at a plant in Finspång, Sweden […]

Sapa Turns In Strong Numbers for Q2 2016

Norsk Hydro announced second quarter numbers for its joint venture Sapa AS on Friday. The firm saw higher numbers in the just-ended quarter largely due to seasonally higher market demand and stronger margins, per its press release. According to Hydro, Sapa’s underlying EBIT of US$94.76 million was up significantly last quarter on a year-on-year basis, […]

Sapa Opens New Plant in South France

Sapa Group inaugurated its new 26,000 ft2 machining works in France late last month. The new plant gives the firm an expanded production capacity, allowing for an expansion of machining capabilities, which, in turn, Sapa intends to use to augment their product line. Gilles Le Bouquin, managing director of Sapa Extrusion France, explains that this […]

Sapa and Norsk Hydro Agree to New Supply Contract

Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products GmbH, a fully-owned subsidiary of Norwegian aluminium company Norsk Hydro ASA, announced yesterday that it has come to an open-ended agreement with Norwegian extruded aluminium provider Sapa AS. The new agreement, which is for Norsk Hydro to provide extrusion ingot to Sapa, is to begin next year. The new agreement between […]