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Norsk Hydro Says Production Up But Sales Down In April And May Thanks To COVID-19

Norsk Hydro Says Production Up But Sales Down In April And May Thanks To COVID-19

Noting the unique situation in which the global economy has found itself in recent months, Norwegian aluminium smelter Norsk Hydro ASA updated investors as to production volumes for the past two months, detailing a more or less increase in production but showing...

Hydro To Invest US$172 MM In Upgrades To Idled Line At Husnes

Norwegian aluminium smelter Norsk Hydro ASA announced yesterday a final build decision on a plan to invest NOK1.4 billion (US$172 million) in a project to double production at its aluminium plant in Husnes, Norway. Per the press release, Hydro’s expansion project will include the upgrade and start-up of the plant’s second line, which has been […]

Norsk Hydro Calls Off US$345-MM Deal To Purchase ISAL From Rio Tinto

A February deal between Norwegian aluminium firm Norsk Hydro A.S.A. and Anglo-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto Group to buy Rio Tinto Iceland Ltd. (ISAL), a 53-percent stake in Dutch anode facility Aluminium & Chemie Rotterdam B.V. (Aluchemie) and a half interest in Swedish aluminium fluoride plant Alufluor AB (Alufluor) to for US$345 million is no […]

Alunorte, Paragominas, And Albras Outages Pummel Norsk Hydro’s Q2 Numbers

Norsk Hydro reported numbers for the second quarter on Tuesday. The firm’s numbers suffered thanks to outages at key plants and increased cost of raw materials, but losses were mitigated somewhat by a rise in metal prices and gains in downstream and energy businesses. In the second quarter this year, Hydro mined 1,348 thousand metric […]

Low-carbon Aluminium Boosts Industry’s Green Credentials

Global warming remains one of the leading critical global issues – emphasised in the last Paris accord and this month’s COP23 summit in Bonn. The carbon equivalent (CE), as a measure of how much CO2 is produced by any activity, is now accepted as a crucial major index of environmental performance, not least for the […]