New Zealand Aluminium Smelters

New Zealand Aluminium Smelter Strikes Deal With Meridian On Power Consumption

New Zealand Aluminium Smelter Strikes Deal With Meridian On Power Consumption

New Zealand Aluminium Smelter (NZAS) has reached a deal with local energy provider Meridian Energy to allow the firm greater leeway when the plant’s power demands rise. The new deal gives Meridian the right to require NZAS to cut its power demand...


NZAS Says Cleanup At Tiwai Point To Top A$687 MM

The firm that operates Tiwai Point aluminium smelter said it plans to remediate the site whether it is shut down in two years, but that the cost of doing so has doubled since the last estimate. New Zealand Aluminium Smelter’s chief executive Chris Blenkiron said last week that the cost had risen substantially from the […]

Rio Tinto To Begin Removal Of Spent Pot Lining At Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter

Tiwai Point aluminium smelter’s majority stakeholder Rio Tinto Group says it will soon begin removing the hazardous spent pot lining from the site as part of its initiative to clean the site that has been used for aluminium production for half a century. The smelter has recently come under pressure to remove the hazardous substance […]

High Aluminium Prices Could Keep Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter Afloat Beyond 2024

New Zealand officials feel confident that the aluminium smelter at Tiwai Point will continue operating if primary aluminium prices continue to remain strong, but warn that keeping New Zealand Aluminium Smelters (NZAS) open will come at the cost of increased greenhouse gas emissions. According to documents put forth by the Treasury department, the recent bump […]

NZAS Turned Down NZ$35 Million In Clean-Up Assistance From National Government

The Tiwai aluminium smelter in New Zealand recently affirmed its commitment to clean up hazardous waste at the plant, but documents brought to light this week reveal that the New Zealand Aluminium Smelter turned down an offer of several million dollars from the national government to aid in that process. NZAS’s statement declared that the […]