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Federal Auditors Take Nalco To Task For Weak Performance And Lost Financial Opportunities

Federal Auditors Take Nalco To Task For Weak Performance And Lost Financial Opportunities

India’s state-owned aluminium producer National Aluminium Company Ltd was taken to task last week by the national auditor for failing to perform to expectations and acting slowly in developing coal mines given to it by the government. The Comptroller and Auditor General...


Nalco Appeals Order To Allow Vedanta To Purchase Alumina To India’s Supreme Court

India’s state-run aluminium producer National Aluminium Company Limited (Nalco) has appealed an order by the Odisha High Court ordering it to allow privately-held metals firm Vedanta Ltd. from attempting to purchase surplus aluminium from it. Nalco formally registered its appeal to the Supreme Court late last week, asking the judicial body to require London-based Vedanta […]

State Court Opens Door For Vedanta’s Participation In Nalco’s Alumina Sales

Relief may be on the way for Vedanta’s Jharsuguda unit after the state’s high court ordered National Aluminium Company (Nalco) to permit the firm to participate in a tender for surplus alumina. The suit in question is the latest effort in a campaign by Vedanta to gain access to Nalco’s alumina stream. The private firm […]

Vedanta Files Suit Against Nalco To Tap Into Exported Alumina Stream

Staring the prospect of a winnowing feedstock supply square in the eye, India metals miner Vedanta has turned to the courts to compel state-owned National Aluminium Company (Nalco) to sell to them a portion of the alumina they currently send overseas. In a motion at the Odisha High Court earlier this week, Vedanta sought to […]

Nalco To Achieve Revenue Targets In FY19: CMD Chand

In an interview with domestic media, National Aluminium Company’s Chairman and Managing Director Dr. Tapan Kumar Chand said that his firm expects to achieve the ₹12,000 crore of revenue benchmark in FY 2019, which will help the company start out the following fiscal on a strong footing. Although prices in the quarter were less than […]

Nalco On Track For Record Financial Numbers In FY 2018-19: CMD Chand

India’s state-owned aluminium smelter National Aluminium Company (NALCO) plans to reap a record high net profit of over ₹1,600 crore and revenues of ₹12,000 crore in the course of the current fiscal year. Such were the goals expressed by the firm’s top officer over the weekend. Speaking at Republic Day celebrations on Saturday, Nalco’s Chairman […]