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Illegal Mining Continues in Pahang Ten Months After Ban Began

Illegal Mining Continues in Pahang Ten Months After Ban Began

Although the Malaysian government enacted a ban on bauxite mining two weeks into the year, according to settlers in Felda Bukit Kuantan the moratorium has done little, if anything, to put the brakes on the abusive mining practices of irresponsible miners in...


State Preventing Clearance of Pahang’s Bauxite Stockpiles Says Mining Representative

Bauxite miners in Pahang are significantly less than happy about the latest extension in the government’s mining ban in the province, according to interviews conducted by local media outlets. The latest extension is the second such from the government, which extends the ban until mid-September. Bukit Goh Bauxite Issues Committee chairman Datuk Dr. Abd Wahid […]

Malaysia Extends Bauxite Ban Two More Months

Malaysia’s government announced yesterday that the ban on bauxite ore mining in Pahang will be extended yet again, this time for another two months. Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar explained that the moratorium, slated to end in two weeks, was extended to allow for the clearance of existing […]

Aluminium Wrap – 21st CRU World Aluminium Conference 2016

The 21st CRU World Aluminium Conference 2016 took place between May 9-11 in Shanghai, China. As the setting was the Middle Kingdom, many of the speakers’ presentations were oriented to the subject. What follows are a few highlights of presentations delivered at the conference by two of CRU’s experts. CRU’s Michael Insulán delivered a presentation on […]

In Pahang, One Farmer’s Crops Show Agricultural Recovery is Possible

Questions of an agricultural future for Pahang’s Bukit Goh have been answered for at least one local farmer according to an interview in a Malaysian newspaper. Surin Deris, a 68-year-old farmer and first generation settler in Tanah Rancangan Pemuda (RTP) Bukit Goh, has a plot full of banana trees, cassava, oil palm, sweet potatoes, lemongrass, […]