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Alcoa Completes New Aluminium Recycling Furnace At Mosjøen Plant

Alcoa Completes New Aluminium Recycling Furnace At Mosjøen Plant

Aluminium pioneer Alcoa Corporation announced this week the completion of a new aluminium recycling furnace at its plant in Mosjøen, Norway that utilizes power derived from renewable resources. Alcoa says this is the firm’s largest investment in recycling infrastructure to date. The...


Vedanta Debuts New Low-Carbon Aluminium Restora

India’s leading aluminium producer Vedanta Aluminium last week debuted its new low-carbon aluminium product, making it the first Indian non-ferrous metals producer to market a low-carbon alternative for export. Dubbed “Restora,” Vedanta’s new low-carbon aluminium line will come in two offerings, Restora and Restora Ultra, the latter having a lower carbon output in production than […]

European Aluminium Calls Upon Continent’s Governments For Cooperation On Sustainability Goals

Brussels trade group European Aluminium Association released its plan for sustainability in the continent’s aluminium sector earlier this week. The plan aligns with the recently-established global goals for sustainable economic production set out by international treaties and the United Nations. Noting the pivotal position in which the continent’s aluminium sector finds itself, European Aluminium notes […]

Norsk Hydro Plans New Aluminium Recycling Plant For Southwest Michigan

Norwegian aluminium firm Norsk Hydro ASA announced this week its intention to build a state-of-the-art aluminium recycling plant in Cassopolis, Michigan. The plant is expected to have a nameplate capacity of 120 thousand metric tons of recycled aluminium per annum and employ around 70 workers. Hydro says the plant will produce its low-carbon CIRCAL line […]

Norsk Hydro To Boost Aluminium Recycling Capacity By Half At Sjunnen

Norwegian aluminium firm Norsk Hydro ASA announced this week plans to invest €11.3 million to increase the aluminium recycling capability at its plant in Sjunnen by 20 thousand metric tons per annum. The expansion, which is expected to be completed next year, will increase the plant’s nameplate capacity to 62 thousand metric tons per annum. […]

Marubeni Now Offering Low-Carbon Aluminium Ingot On Its Trading Platform

Japanese trading house Marubeni said last week it will soon begin offering low-carbon aluminium ingot to Japanese buyers in response to domestic buyers’ desire for more options that are produced with lower amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. Buyers in the transport, packaging, and construction sectors have been particularly interested in low-carbon aluminium products, ahead of […]