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LME Pushes Back Deadline For New Electronic Certificates Of Analysis

LME Pushes Back Deadline For New Electronic Certificates Of Analysis

This week the London Metal Exchange (LME) extended the deadline for mandatory digital registration for quality assurance documents. LME will begin to require Certificates of Analysis (COA) in order to provide transparency regarding the size, shape, purity, and characteristics of a metal...


Rusal Seeks To Grow Low-Carbon Aluminium Sales To China

Russian Federation aluminium giant UC Rusal is mulling increasing its presence in the People’s Republic of China’s low-carbon aluminium market, drawn by increased demand for it in the electric vehicles sector and a friendlier business climate. On Friday, Huang Wenqian, vice president at Rusal Shanghai Economic and Trade Company Limited, was confident that Rusal would […]

Alcoa Agrees With Rusal’s Call For LME To Disclose Aluminium Stocks Origin

Pittsburgh aluminium pioneer Alcoa Corporation came out in favor of UC Rusal’s suggestion last week for the London Metal Exchange to publish the origin of all its aluminium and other metal stock in their warehouses around the world. The LME has faced calls for months by Alcoa and others to prohibit the sale of Russian […]

Rusal Calls On LME To Report Origin Of All Aluminium In Its Warehouses

Russian aluminium giant UC Rusal has called upon the London Metal Exchange to disclose the origin of the entirety of its aluminium reserves, not just those from Russia. Rusal spoke out in response to the LME’s discussion over identifying Russian aluminium’s origin in its system. Several aluminium producers have called for the complete ban on […]

LME Will Not Ban Russian Aluminium

The London Metal Exchange said last week that it does not plan to ban Russian aluminium from its warehouses due to the fact that a large number of buyers on the platform will continue to buy it next year. Although Russia itself has been sanctioned by several governments in the wake of its invasion of […]