LME Announces New Closing Price Methodology for Metal Contracts, Including Aluminium

LME Announces New Closing Price Methodology for Metal Contracts, Including Aluminium

The London Metal Exchange (LME) revealed on Thursday its plan to adapt its closing price methodology for some of its most traded contracts. Beginning January 2024, this evolved strategy will be phased into its systems after extensive market-wide consultation. This revision is...


LME Pushes Back Deadline For New Electronic Certificates Of Analysis

This week the London Metal Exchange (LME) extended the deadline for mandatory digital registration for quality assurance documents. LME will begin to require Certificates of Analysis (COA) in order to provide transparency regarding the size, shape, purity, and characteristics of a metal unit. The COA is mandatory for almost all physically settled contracts that pass […]

LME Bans Russian Aluminium In US Warehouses

Earlier this week the London Metal Exchange (LME) made the decision to ban Russian aluminium from its warehouses in the United States due to the recently enacted import tariffs. Late last week the Biden Administration announced new import tariffs on Russian aluminium of 200 percent. These tariffs will go into effect on March 10. In […]

LME Stores Of Russian Aluminium Hit 42 Percent In January

The London Metal Exchange this week confirmed that its holdings of Russian aluminium rose as expected in January to a total of 42 percent of the aluminium stock in its warehouses. According to a report just released by the LME, of the 152,841 metric tons of primary aluminium in its warehouses, 93,750 metric tons had […]

Alcoa Agrees With Rusal’s Call For LME To Disclose Aluminium Stocks Origin

Pittsburgh aluminium pioneer Alcoa Corporation came out in favor of UC Rusal’s suggestion last week for the London Metal Exchange to publish the origin of all its aluminium and other metal stock in their warehouses around the world. The LME has faced calls for months by Alcoa and others to prohibit the sale of Russian […]