LME Bans Russian Aluminium In US Warehouses

LME Bans Russian Aluminium In US Warehouses

Earlier this week the London Metal Exchange (LME) made the decision to ban Russian aluminium from its warehouses in the United States due to the recently enacted import tariffs. Late last week the Biden Administration announced new import tariffs on Russian aluminium...


Rusal Calls On LME To Report Origin Of All Aluminium In Its Warehouses

Russian aluminium giant UC Rusal has called upon the London Metal Exchange to disclose the origin of the entirety of its aluminium reserves, not just those from Russia. Rusal spoke out in response to the LME’s discussion over identifying Russian aluminium’s origin in its system. Several aluminium producers have called for the complete ban on […]

LME Will Not Ban Russian Aluminium

The London Metal Exchange said last week that it does not plan to ban Russian aluminium from its warehouses due to the fact that a large number of buyers on the platform will continue to buy it next year. Although Russia itself has been sanctioned by several governments in the wake of its invasion of […]

Citibank Deposits Large Load Of Aluminium In LME Warehouses This Month: Sources

Most of the aluminium that hit London Metal Exchange (LME) warehouses this month came from Citibank according to sources claiming familiarity with the matter. According to reporting in Reuters late last week, a relatively high cost in borrowing money has clamped down on holding aluminium outside of LME warehouses as collateral for financial deals to […]

Glencore Ships Russian Aluminium To LME Warehouses: Reuters

News agency Reuters reported on Tuesday that Glencore plc has delivered significant amounts of aluminium from Russia to warehouses in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) registered to the London Metal Exchange and originating from UC Rusal. Two sources claiming knowledge of the situation told Reuters this week that the shipments of Rusal’s aluminium arrived […]