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Zhongwang Seeks Legal Advice Over United States Criminal Charges Of US$1.8 Billion In Tariff Evasion

Zhongwang Seeks Legal Advice Over United States Criminal Charges Of US$1.8 Billion In Tariff Evasion

China Zhongwang responded to a United States criminal indictment against it and its controlling shareholder Liu Zhongtian on Sunday, saying that despite being served no official notice of the charges, the company has already sought out legal advice regarding the matter. In...


Perfectus Aluminum Takes AEC to Task for “False Narrative” in Unpaid Duties Story

Perfectus Aluminum Inc. issued a scathing rebuttal to a story published by the Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) late last week accusing the California firm of being pursued by the Federal government for unpaid import duties. In a press release issued Thursday evening, Perfectus’ marketing communications firm responded to a story posted to AEC’s blog identifying […]

US Government Seizes Aluminium Stockpile with Alleged Ties to Liu Zhongtian

According to a report in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, officers from the United States Department of Homeland Security have seized a stockpile of aluminium valued at US$25 million that is alleged to have ties to China Zhongwang’s Liu Zhongtian. This move by the United States government is the latest step in the journey to an […]

WSJ Article Alleges Aluminium Stockpile is Liu’s Retirement Fund

According to an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, a well-traveled aluminium stockpile allegedly connected to China Zhongwang that has made international headlines is actually the founder of the firm’s retirement fund. As explained in the article, citizens of the People’s Republic of China are forbidden from moving more than US$50,000 per year from the […]

US Commerce Department Says Zhongwang Evaded Sanctions

The International Trade Administration of the United States Department of Commerce announced last week that it believes Chinese aluminium smelter China Zhongwang Holdings has been evading United States trade sanctions. The finding is the latest in a long string of accusations of impropriety leveled at the company this year against its trade practices. The November […]