Alumina Production Costs Fall While Refining Rates Rise In Vedanta’s Third Quarter

Alumina Production Costs Fall While Refining Rates Rise In Vedanta’s Third Quarter

According to numbers for the just-ended quarter, metals miner Vedanta refined more alumina at a lower cost than previous quarters thanks to an increased reliance on domestic bauxite sources. In a presentation to investors earlier this week, Vedanta said it was able...


Odisha Mining Corporation Set to Begin Bauxite Mining in Two Months

A new player in India’s bauxite ore sector could be mere weeks away, as the state-owned firm Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC) revealed yesterday that it plans to commence mining at Kodingamali bauxite quarry within two months. OMC’s managing director R. Vineel Krishna told domestic media that the company has all the proper permits in hand […]

Odisha Mining Deal May Lead to Bauxite Stream for Vedanta’s Lanjigarh Refinery

London’s Vedanta Resources plc’s project in Odisha may have won some breathing room as the state’s government has sealed a deal to allow state-owned firm Odisha Mining Corporation to access the bauxite reserves in Kodingamali bauxite mines. Vedanta has had difficulty obtaining a steady supply of raw materials for Lanjigarh alumina refinery after the Niyamgiri […]

Activists Objecting to Opening Odisha Bauxite Reserve to Vedanta

The Indian state of Odisha is facing opposition from environmental activists in the wake of their decision to open up bauxite reserves at Kodingamali to London-based Indian miner Vedanta Resources plc. “The issues that we fought for at Niyamgiri are also relevant for Kodingamali, a forested hill range saddled by tribal inhabitations,” said Prafulla Samantray, […]

State Government to Supply Bauxite to Vedanta Refinery in Odisha

Odisha’s state government will be supplying raw material to the Vedanta alumina refinery at Lanjigarh in Kalahandi district from the government-owned Kodingamali bauxite mines in Koraput district. At present the state-owned Odisha Mining Corporation (OMC) holds the mining lease to the bauxite mines in question. “We will make arrangements for bauxite supplies to the Vedanta […]