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Kaiser Aluminum Acquires Additive Metal Manufacturer Imperial Machine & Tool

Kaiser Aluminum Acquires Additive Metal Manufacturer Imperial Machine & Tool

Semi-fabricated aluminium firm Kaiser Aluminum Corporation revealed on Wednesday the acquisition of additive manufacturing and machining firm Imperial Machine & Tool Co. of Columbia, New Jersey. The press release provided few details and, at the present time, no financial arrangements or timeline...


Kaiser Aluminum Reports Strong First-Quarter Numbers

California’s Kaiser Aluminum turned in strong first-quarter numbers this year according to results released yesterday. The semi-fabricated aluminium firm finished the quarter with US$355 million in net sales, better than the previous quarter’s total of US$332 million, and better year-on-year than last year’s Q1 total of US$343 million. It turned in US$36 million in net […]

Kaiser Aluminum Turns In Record Earnings Numbers in FY2016

California’s semi-fabricated aluminium maker Kaiser Aluminum released results for the fourth quarter and full year of 2016 on Tuesday, posting numbers largely better in both periods. Kaiser’s net sales for the fourth quarter last year totaled USD332 million, up slightly quarter-on-quarter from last quarter’s total of USD321 million, and better year-on-year than 2015’s Q4 total […]

Kaiser Aluminum Turns In Slightly Lower Numbers for Q3, Higher Numbers for YTD 2016

California’s Kaiser Aluminum released unaudited results for the third quarter and the year to date yesterday. Though still firmly in the black, Kaiser’s numbers were down slightly year-on-year for the quarter. Numbers were generally up for the year to date compared to 2015, however. For the just-ended quarter, net sales totaled US$321 million, net income […]

Kaiser Aluminum Posts Better Numbers for Second Quarter and First Half of 2016

American semi-fabricated aluminium firm Kaiser Aluminum announced second quarter and first half 2016 results late Wednesday. The firm’s net income for the just-ended quarter was US$26 million, up US$6 million year-on-year. Adjusted net income (excluding non-run-rate items) was US$19 million in the quarter, down from US$23.1 million in Q2 2015. Both results include roughly US$11 […]

Kaiser Aluminum Expresses Cautious Optimism Over Latest Draft of Washington State Clean-Air Rule

American aluminium producer Kaiser Aluminum says it is cautiously optimistic regarding a new proposal in the state of Washington for cutting carbon emissions. Kaiser Aluminium is one of seventy facilities in the Evergreen State that would be required to either reduce its plant’s greenhouse gas emissions or purchase credits to offset such emissions. Washington’s Department […]