Japanese Premiums For Aluminium Shipments Increase By 3 Percent In Third Quarter

Japanese Premiums For Aluminium Shipments Increase By 3 Percent In Third Quarter

Third-quarter premiums for Japanese aluminium shipments will rise by 3 percent to US$108 per metric ton thanks to a fall-off in supply that overrode apprehension over a possible drop in regional demand. The rise in premiums is the second consecutive rise, following...


Handful Of Japanese Buyers Still Negotiating Q4 Premiums For Billet, Slab, Foundry Alloys

Per buyer sources who spoke to industrial media late last week, a few Japanese aluminium customers are still negotiating fourth quarter aluminum premium for billet, slab, and foundry alloys. However, negotiations for standard ingot billets have concluded, they revealed. S&P Global Platts reported that sources informed them on Thursday that certain producers have come to […]

Japanese Aluminium Stocks Reach Two-Year High In July

Japanese market sources said last week that the country’s aluminium stocks at the country’s trio of major port warehouses rose to a two-year apex of 310,400 metric tons at last’s month’s end. Per Japanese trading house Marubeni, the record is a rise of 1.1 percent over the prior month’s total inventory on hand of 306,900 […]

Japan Weighing WTO Action Against Trump Administration’s Aluminium Tariff

Terming the Trump administration’s imposition of tariffs upon almost all aluminium imports “extremely regrettable,” Japan’s Finance Minister Taro Aso indicated on Friday that his government is contemplating initiating proceedings against it at the World Trade Organization. “It is undecided at this moment, but we are considering it,” said Aso to reporters at a Group of […]

Japan PM Abe to Discuss Aluminium Tariffs with U.S. President Trump Later This Month

The administration of United States President Donald Trump announced on Monday that it would be engaging in face-to-face talks with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe over the two countries’ trade relationship later this month. Per a press release on the subject disseminated by the White House, the duo will meet at Trump’s quarters in Mar-a-Lago […]