Jamaican Parliament Mulling Reintroduction Of Bauxite Levy

Jamaican Parliament Mulling Reintroduction Of Bauxite Levy

A Jamaican member of parliament has requested that the body consider re-instituting the levy on bauxite mining operations due to the damage done to areas around mining operations over the years. Manchester Southern Member of Parliament Michael Stewart submitted the resolution earlier...


Bright Future Ahead For Alumina And Aluminium Sectors: Jamaican MP Paulwell

Though 2018 was a difficult year for the alumina and aluminium sector, the market for both continues to improve thanks to a steady rise in demand. Such was the message delivered by Jamaican opposition spokesman Phillip Paulwell to the country’s legislature last week. This being the case, Paulwell asked why the government has not done […]

Boiler Failure At Alpart To Halt Alumina Production For At Least Ten Days

An ongoing equipment failure at Alumina Partners of Jamaica has led to a week-long production stoppage at the plant, and concern is mounting that the financial losses to the plant in the interim may be substantial. Domestic media reports that the plant’s boiler system failed late last month, and the earliest possible restart date is […]