Jamalco Alumina Refinery Owners Contemplate Incorporation To Attract Overseas Investment

Jamalco Alumina Refinery Owners Contemplate Incorporation To Attract Overseas Investment

Jamalco alumina refinery’s operating entities plan to incorporate before they begin seeking the capital needed for further growth. Such was the message coming from its leadership in an interview earlier this month. Jamalco’s Managing Director Austin Mooney said such a move would...


JAMALCO To Return To Full Production By September: Jamaica Finance Minister Clarke

Construction plans at JAMALCO is proceeding as scheduled according to Jamaica’s Minister of Finance Nigel Clarke. The Finance Minister confirmed the progress at the damaged bauxite and alumina plant to the country’s House of Representatives earlier this week. Clarke told Opposition spokesperson Phillip Paulwell that reconstruction will begin later this summer and be carried out […]

Jamaican Government Collects US$2 Billion In Bauxite Levy Payments In Late 2021

Jamaica’s finance minister Nigel Clarke said last week that the country’s levy on extracted bauxite brought in US$2 billion in revenue last year. Responding to questions posed by Opposition mining spokesman Phillip Paulwell in the House of Representatives, Clarke said that many of the payments were late payments brought in thanks to the efforts of […]

Noranda Opens New Reservoir To Aid Fight Against Bauxite Dust In Jamaica

Jamaican bauxite producer Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners recently completed a reservoir in St. Ann dedicated to combating the ever-present bauxite dust problem by wetting the roads over which transport trucks travel. Jamaica’s Transport and Mining Minister Robert Montague inaugurated the new reservoir, which holds about 17 million gallons of water, on December 21. The cost […]

Noranda Granted Bauxite Mining Rights Over 1,300 hectares In Jamaica Despite Protests

Earlier this week the Jamaican government authorized mining of over 1,300 hectares of land in St. Ann for Noranda Bauxite despite public protest by indigenous landowners. Per domestic media, Peter Knight, Chief Executive Officer of the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) made the announcement on behalf of the Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA) on […]

JAMALCO Planning IPO Of Jamaican Government’s 45 Percent Ownership

Jamaican bauxite mining and alumina refining firm JAMALCO could soon be launching an initial public offering (IPO) with the listing of the Jamaican government’s 45-percent share of the company on the open market. Minister of Finance and the Public Service Nigel Clarke told the Jamaican House of Representatives on Tuesday that an IPO is part […]