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Iran’s Aluminium Production Rose By 24 Percent Since Last March

Iran’s Aluminium Production Rose By 24 Percent Since Last March

Aluminium production in Iran rose by 24 percent through the first ten months of the Iranian calendar year (year 1400, beginning on 21 March last year), up from 365 thousand metric tons the prior year to 453 thousand metric tons in the...


Trump Administration Issues Sanctions Against Iran Aluminium Exports

In response to Iran’s announcement that it will ease self-imposed restrictions on its nuclear weapons program, the Trump Administration on Wednesday announced a new round of sanctions on the Persian state that were designed to hamper revenue it derives from exports of aluminium and other industrial metals. Citing a Clinton-era executive order and pointing to […]

Iran’s Aluminium Output Off By 11 Percent In Just-Ended Solar Hijri Year

Iran’s total production of aluminium in the most recent year fell by 11 percent to 301,033 metric tons according to numbers released by Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization last week. Per the state’s numbers, the country’s main aluminium producer Iran Aluminum Company churned out 170,912 metric tons in the Solar Hijri […]

Iran’s Aluminium Output Rises By 5 Percent Since March

In the opening ten months of Iran’s calendar year the country’s aluminium smelters produced over 267 thousand tons of primary aluminium and aluminium products, exceeding the prior year’s opening ten months by 5 percent. Iranian state media said that the country’s trio of producers continued gains achieved during the year’s first half, when the production […]

Iran’s Aluminium Consumption Rate Rises By 12 Percent, Exceeding Global Average

Aluminium consumption by Iran’s consumers rose by 12 percent last year, besting the global average for aluminium growth. So said Iran’s Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mehdi Karbasian earlier this week. Speaking at the signing ceremony for a Memorandum of Understanding for the purchase of a parcel in Parsian Energy Intensive Industrial Special […]