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Iran’s Aluminium Production Rose By 24 Percent Since Last March

Iran’s Aluminium Production Rose By 24 Percent Since Last March

Aluminium production in Iran rose by 24 percent through the first ten months of the Iranian calendar year (year 1400, beginning on 21 March last year), up from 365 thousand metric tons the prior year to 453 thousand metric tons in the...


Iran’s Aluminium Output Rises By 5 Percent Since March

In the opening ten months of Iran’s calendar year the country’s aluminium smelters produced over 267 thousand tons of primary aluminium and aluminium products, exceeding the prior year’s opening ten months by 5 percent. Iranian state media said that the country’s trio of producers continued gains achieved during the year’s first half, when the production […]

Iran Plans to Be Net Exporter of Aluminium by 2019

According to comments made at Arabal 2017 by officials from the Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation Organization (IMIDRO), Iran is set to become a net exporter of aluminium by 2019. IMIDRO Director of Planning and Strategic Supervision Amir Sabbagh said in comments to the convention last week that his country’s objective at […]

Aluminium in Iran – can the potential be realised?

Following the relaxation of sanctions, Iran, which has for many years been marred by political issues and civil unrest now has plans for fresh development of its infrastructure and industry – and the country’s aluminium sector in particular has been targeted for key support. However, the prospects for realising the considerable potential will be impacted […]