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Indian Aluminium Producers Feeling The Squeeze From Cuts In Coal Supply: AAI

Indian Aluminium Producers Feeling The Squeeze From Cuts In Coal Supply: AAI

Indian aluminium producers are feeling the squeeze of cuts in coal supply to captive power plants. So says the Aluminium Association of India (AAI), noting the continuing rationing of the fossil fuel in favor of the coal-fired plants operated by India’s power...

Trump Aluminium Tariffs Hamper India’s Competitivity – Indian Trade Association

The Trump administration’s blanket tariffs on aluminium and steel may make Indian exports of the same significantly less competitive compared to countries that have been granted an exemption from the measures. So states a recent report published by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM). The report, entitled “Global Tariff War: Implications […]

India To Reject Aluminium Quotas In Exchange For Tariff Exemption

Sources from within the Indian government indicate that it will not entertain the notion of exchanging blanket tariffs on aluminium and steel for a 70-percent quota on imports of the same. According to reporting in local media, the Indian government continues to hold the position that its exports to the United States is a minuscule […]

Aluminium Association of India Lobbies Government For Relief From Coal Rationing

Calls for relief from India’s aluminium producers from coal supply quotas intensified over the weekend, as the country’s main aluminium trade group vocalized concerns regarding the government’s choice in supplying free-standing power plants instead of power facilities dedicated to powering the country’s aluminium smelters. The Aluminium Association of India published a letter to the Indian […]

Indian Aluminium Exports Rise By 15.9 Percent In Second Quarter

India’s aluminium exports leaped by 15.9 percent in the second quarter this year, thanks in large part to a surplus in domestic aluminium stockpiles. The rise in exports came at an opportune time, as global aluminium supplies fell into a deficit in the quarter thanks to turmoil initiated largely due to tariffs and sanctions on […]

Indian Ban On Pet Coke Importation Worries Major Domestic Aluminium Producers

India’s aluminium and steel makers are reacting to news this week that the government has moved to end the importation of pet coke from abroad. “Import of pet coke is allowed for only cement, lime kiln, calcium carbide and gasification industries when used as feed stock or in the manufacturing process on actual user condition,” […]