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Increase In India’s Aluminium Import Duties May Be Death Sentence For SMEs

Increase In India’s Aluminium Import Duties May Be Death Sentence For SMEs

A renewal in calls by some in India’s aluminium sector for an increase in import duties on scrap and primary aluminium, has been seen since the fall of 2018. The country’s Commerce Ministry has taken up the baton and has urged that...


India’s Commerce Ministry Lends Support To Increasing Import Duties On Aluminium

An increase in import duties on aluminium entering India gained more momentum this week, as Union Minister Suresh Prabhu revealed that the country’s commerce ministry favors such a measure as a means to protect domestic manufacturers. “That is a proposal to protect our domestic industry. The proposal is under examination and we support the proposal,” […]

AAI Again Petitions Indian Federal Government For Respite From Coal Restrictions

As aluminium producers continue to face ever-shrinking supplies of coal for firing captive power plants, the Aluminium Association of India (AAI) again appealed to the Indian government for a reprieve from its policy of prioritizing electrical plants over aluminium operations. As per recent developments, the coal supplies and rakes for CPPs (captive power plants), especially […]

Indian Trade Group Seeks End To 2.5-Percent Duty On Imported Scrap Aluminium

An Indian scrap metals trade group appealed to the government last week to remove the 2.5 percent import duty on aluminium scrap, setting aright the inverted duty structure on aluminium scrap now in place. The Metal Recycling Association of India criticized the tariff, which is in place despite the assessment of no tariffs on finished […]