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India’s Aluminium Recyclers Push Back Against Talk Of Imported Scrap Tariff Hike

India’s Aluminium Recyclers Push Back Against Talk Of Imported Scrap Tariff Hike

Though India’s primary aluminium producers continue to call for raising import duties on raw and scrap aluminium, downstream interests steadfastly oppose such a move, and have again gone on record to detail the harm they expect a rise in aluminium import duties...


Indian Government Contemplating Measures to Combat Dumping of Downstream Aluminium

India’s Power, Coal and Mines Minister Piyush Goyal said in an interview yesterday that anti-dumping duties and minimum import prices were being considered to combat increased imports of cheap downstream aluminium products. “Aluminium industry has faced a lot of stress in the last one year. I believe aluminium has huge potential in India. Our neighbouring […]

India’s Downstream Aluminium Association Pushes Back Against Call for Aluminium MIP

India’s Aluminium Secondary Manufacturers Association (ASMA) appealed to the country’s Ministers of Finance and Commerce late last week, publishing an open letter calling on them to “stop Injustice against 3500 Aluminium MSME” that they say would be done by implementing a minimum import price on aluminium. “It has been reported in the media that Ministry […]

In India, innovation can deepen downstream applications of aluminium

As India’s aluminium producers gear up to take on their global peers in downstream products, their efforts need to be aligned with innovation in secondary smelting techniques, process improvements and tapping new markets to absorb the value added products. Driven by wide applications and growing demand, downstream aluminium processing activities are taking hold in the […]

Preparing India for wider aluminium use

The case for embracing aluminium on a mammoth scale in India should now be seen as a futuristic growth strategy rather than a half baked gamble. With its immense recyclability, lightweight character and ability to blend with an array of metals, aluminium should always be the preferred metal of choice. This is even more true […]